Identity Statement:

The Sudanese Cultural League of Edmonton (SCLE) was established in 2008 as a non-profit organization based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is the first to welcome and help new comers to community. The League offers a place for Sudanese families to gather, be supported emotionally and spiritually, learn from each other and be bound together by the common belief that all gaols can be achieved by working together.

Vision Statement:

SCLE envisions a community in which all Sudanese people, from the diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, are protected and given an equal opportunity to participate in the activities and program within the organization. Our culture and heritage are central to the identity of our people and define us as Sudanese.

Mission Statements:

The core mission of SCLE is to provide a meeting place for the community and help our Sudanese Canadian community thrive through development of education and cultural pride. We want to make every house in our community a home for all of our Sudanese brothers and sisters. Furthermore, our mission is to help facilitate the settlement and integration of new comers through community engagement and in collaboration with other community organizations.


1.     To promote strength and well-being at the individual, family and community level.

2.     To deliver quality language instruction in vernacular Arabic, Sudanese culture and other studies.

3.     To create youth and adult soccer and other sports teams for recreational purposes.


1.     Peace and understanding.

2.     Respect.

3.     Equal opportunity.

4.     Family and community connections.

5.     Embracing diversity.