About Us

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The Sudanese Cultural league of Edmonton (SCLE) was incorporated in 2008 as a not-for-profit organization based in Edmonton, Alberta. The main concern of (SCLE) is to address the needs of Sudanese immigrants, specifically socio-economic and cultural. All members of the Sudanese community are qualified for membership

In organizational term, Sudanese Cultural league of Edmonton is run by a volunteer Board of Directors that constitutes of eleven members who are elected by SCLE’S members at the GAM.

Sudanese Cultural league of Edmonton operates in accordance with the Alberta Human Rights Code and has an anti-racism anti-discrimination policy.

The objectives are wide and aiming to increase the welfare of Sudanese new comers and promote their integration, participation, and prospering into the Canadian society while preserving the Sudanese culture and heritage.  These objectives will be achieved by working with individuals and groups to promote their involvement in community activities. The services provided by (SCLE) include the following:

  • Organizing cultural, social and educational events.
  • Empowering and assisting newcomers to resettle in their new homeland.
  • Providing family and individual counseling.
  • Providing assistance to the Sudanese community in getting access government services, community organizations and recreational facilities.